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47. Tips for Dating and Relationships from an INFJ Relationship Coach – Sarah Woehler

Relationships can be intimidating and confusing for INFJs. Dating is hard, especially now, and being in a relationship can be even harder at times. Today we are talking to Sarah Woehler who is an INFJ and a relationship coach. She’s answering all of our questions about dating, communicating, setting healthy boundaries and dealing with high …

46. Looking for Purpose While in Quarantine – Kristin Mangas

How do you find purpose in the midst of quarantine? Kristin Mangas and Sarah Kuhn discuss practical ways to be fulfilled and focus on your goals while your life is on pause. Join us for Connect Live on Sundays at 6pm ET at youtube.com/thequietonespodcast.

44. How to Date During Quarantine – Gabrielle Valdes

Are you dating while you’re at home in quarantine? What does that look like? In the 4th Episode of Connect Live (the live podcast from INFJ Woman) host Sarah Kuhn spoke to relationship coach Gabrielle Valdes about dating during quarantine for INFJs.


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